genie espinosa illustration

genie espinosa illustration

New work in proccess

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It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry, but here I am again! 

I am trying to get more active and communicate better, so HERE I AM! These last days I've been in a kind of a breakdown, the feeling about my work being not good enough and feeling stuck in the same topics here and again really stressed me out and made me look for a change. I'be been searching for new ways of work, making my work more expressive, cutting down the colors and trying to make it a bit more "mature".  This path I am now following has lead me in new ways of experiment with my style, with textures, with colors and it's making my brain work harder, which I really appreciate.

It all started with this:

Flora Rostrobruno is a character of the song with the same name of the Spanish artist PARADE

Oh! I felt so happy! I was moving in a direction I really liked,I was experimenting with lots of things, figured out other things and then decided to move in a more "editorial style":

I was really having lots of fun! I got really excited and wrote my lovely agents Jess, Robyn and Nicky to talk about this, they were super nice and guided me in a new direction more applicable to the work I usually do for The Bright Agency:

I finally feel I am moving in a new direction, and even I 'm not 100% happy with it yet I think I am following a good path!

Thanks for getting here!